Fenix Automotive’s Story

Wonder what our name means?

Fe the chemical symbol for Iron. The main component of modern steel, and the most prevalent element in every auto ever produced. For decades they’ve been referred to as steel horses – rolling iron. Iron is the heart of our modern world and the center of Fenix.

Phoenix -In Greek mythology, a phoenix is bird that is cyclically reborn. A phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. Born from the ashes, a sentiment central to Fenix Automotive.

With a passion in automobiles of all ages, Fenix Automotive takes pride in breathing new life into the former shells of old and forgotten classic cars. A new 2015 fuel injected engine in a 1947 truck. Modern corvette suspension grafted to a 1962 vette thats been in a barn for 20 years. A huge pile of old automotive scrap hand crafted into a beautiful one of a kind wine rack. For those of us at Fenix Automotive, breathing new life into old Iron is why we get up in the morning!

Founded in 2012: Founded in 2012 by Mike Fitzgerald

Located at 1947 Belgrade Ave Charleston, SC 29407:

Call us at 843-469-0503:

Mike Fitzgerald

Owner and Founder of Fenix

Mike Fitzgerald is the owner and founder of Fenix Automotive. Lead mechanic, and custom fabricator. Overseeing every project from start to finish, he takes great effort to deliver only the top-tier quality work that Fenix has become known for.

Born with a plethora of curiosity and creativity, Mike’s true passion is customization and hot rodding. Bigger, better, faster. Come into Fenix and meet him – his passion for cars is infectious!

Favorite Car (currently): "Theres something about a 1959 corvette convertible in all its classic beauty. You just don't see cars like that being built by modern builders. Take that body, wedge in a brand new 800 horsepower turbo'ed LS series modern engine, slam the body on new suspension, and that right there is art."

Area of Expertise: While Mike can take any aspect of building a car and run, his true abilities shine when you put a welder or paint gun in his hands. "The act of creating something that wasn't there before is invigorating."

Favorite Quote: "Find what you love and let it kill you" -Charles Bukowski

Barley the Mutt

Part mascot, part shop security. He's a company man.

Barley is the shop dog. He chases balls. He scares away cats. He sleeps a lot. If you turn on the hose, he will literally lose his mind. Whenever the guys need a break for a few minutes, Barely is there for endless entertainment. Rescued from the Charleston Animal Society with no hair, no meat on his bones and an appetite of a small horse, Barely has an appreciation for life that the rest of our staff envy and strive for. He is also a huge fan of cars though were not sure he grasps their concept as anything but magical.

Favorite Car (currently): "Im still unclear what exactly a 'car' is, but I'm pretty sure your referring to the moving couch. Hmmm - thats tough. If I have to pick ill say the big blue bench style moving couch because I can lay half on Mike's lap without that dumb human style "arm" rest in the way.

Area of Expertise: Barley specializes in running after the rubber ball and attacking it with the ferocity usually reserved for exs, politicians, and Thanksgiving dinner.

Favorite Quote: "Comon dummy, time to eat!"